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Professional Quality Audit Review Process

MISCO audits assure that you, the insurance carrier, obtain all of the premiums to which you are entitled.

Re-audits resulting from poor or incorrect audits are extremely costly regarding excess handling, delays in premium collection, and insured and producer ill will. MISCO's attention to detail and sophisticated quality audit review process is designed to eliminate re-audits.

MISCO auditors and their consultants attempt to provide the insured with every credit to which they are entitled and take the time to explain how further savings may be realized through payroll segregation's, overtime breakout, subcontractor documentation, as well as other applicable credits. A MISCO audit inspires greater confidence by your insured, which aids in premium collection.

This same attention to quality and review applies as well to general liability audits, property, and package premium audit services. With the recent increase in rates charged, the premium dollar is at stake just as much as for Workers' Compensation audits.

Quality Audit Review Process

With our staff and over 55 auditor consultants, we can handle your assignments and provide you with the quality service you deserve, yet still provide small business friendly service personalized to your needs.

Our services include the following:

  • In office review of all completed audits by our highly practiced and knowledgeable managerial review staff.
  • Daily communication with customers providing progress notes and completed audits.
  • MISCO provides online customer access to review outstanding and completed inventory status.
  • In office staff monitors field work on a daily and weekly basis to track all inventory.

Audit Review Process

It is this function which sets MISCO apart from its competition. All audits are thoroughly reviewed and if needed, returned for additional information prior to submission to the carrier.

MISCO's review is conducted by top management personnel, all of whom have extensive audit experience either with the Bureau or carrier management. The register and control of all assignments are performed in our office, as well as the review of all completed assignments. We review each and every audit for compliance and completeness. This is your assurance of quality and accuracy.

Our office uses the Bureau website, and the descriptions of operations and classifications used in our audits are constantly checked against the Bureau assigned classifications.

MISCO also maintains an extensive library of premium audit reference material including almost all WCIRB publications.