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President, Michael Barry APA, CIPA

Michael began his career with the WCRIB in 1973 working in Policy Examination and Rating until joining the field staff as a Classification Inspector and Test Auditor in 1974. In 1982, he joined MISCO as Audit Manager and later became President and owner. He has authored a number of articles including 10 years of the MISCO UPDATER, Workers' Compensation Auditing Courses and has spoken at a number of carrier and auditor meetings on various audit-related matters. He has been active in the Auditor Associations at all levels.

General Manager, Ben Caron

Ben began his insurance career in 1979 as an audit trainee with Industrial Indemnity and in 1988 was promoted to Premium Audit Manager. During this time not only did he polish his audit skills, but was also a key member of the team that researched, developed, and introduced the use of computers for the Field Audit department, including software development, group, and individual staff training. In 1989, he joined MISCO as Audit Manager, soon becoming General Manager. In addition to dealing with all aspects of business operations, Ben has been active in the California Insurance Audit Managers Association.

Audit Manager, Corey Murillo

Corey began his career at MISCO as an auditor in 1986. In 1987, he accepted a position at Republic Indemnity Insurance Co. as an Audit Reviewer. He was quickly recruited by Maryland Casualty Insurance Co. and accepted the position of Premium Auditor. In 1989, he was again recruited by Pacific Rim Assurance Co. and worked his way from Sr. Premium Auditor to Director of Premium Audit where his efforts were essential in building the department "from the ground up" in this new California comp carrier. During his nine years at Pacific Rim, the audit department, under his management, was exempted from the WCRIB Test Audit Program for three consecutive periods. He remained at Pacific Rim until 1998 when he came back to MISCO in his current capacity.

Vice President, Ryan Barry

Ryan began his career at MISCO as an auditor and reviewer in 2006. His roles have grown throughout the years to include account manager, senior premium auditor, E-Audit Branch manager, customer relations and new business, technology advancement, and field auditor training and E-Auditor training. Prior to MISCO, Ryan worked for a digital marketing firm which specialized in search engine optimization and marketing. Ryan implemented and created the E-Audit branch of MISCO and has written various guidelines, procedures, and training tutorials for MISCO and its auditors.

Field Manager, Mike Foley, APA, CIPA, CPCU

Mike worked for Kemper Insurance starting in 1979 and continued there until 2003 when he joined MISCO. He spent most of his 25 years with Kemper as a Field Audit Manager combined with time as a Field Auditor and the Western Division Premium Audit Manager. His main focus at MORRISON has been quality control review of the audits before they are released to the carrier. He is a past President of the Northern California CIAMA chapter.

Audit & Classification Specialist, Paul Brundage

Paul works within the audit review area, classification disputes, and auditor training. Paul worked at the WCRIB for 39 years; including 15 years as Manager of Classification and Audit Review Department where he administered the California Test Audit program. Paul then served as Quality Assurance Director in the OW Classification and Test Audit Division of the WCRIB.