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MISCO was founded in 1959. Dedicated to producing top quality premium audit reports for insurance carriers, we have grown to over 55 auditors serving the state of California.

If you are involved in California Workers' Compensation and outsourcing any of your premium audit needs, you need to talk to MISCO. The fines levied by the WCIRB for failure to meet minimum standards are significant.

MISCO has successfully aided a number of carriers with reversing unacceptable test audit results to where their results exceeded the maximum affording them the opportunity to drop out of the program.

Our auditors are paid a straight hourly rate for time spent on each assignment with no minimum production requirements or bonus or incentive plans based on production. To encourage service, each auditor has three separate pay rates based on the timeliness of service. They are also paid bonuses for each test audit which is found to be correct. This, we believe, ensures proper attention to each audit without encouraging overproduction.

With current consumer attitudes and awareness about insurance, it is vitally important today that the premium auditor represent the carrier in the most favorable light. He/She and the completed audit must be thoroughly professional. The auditor must truly care about the insured's concerns and be able to discuss them, respond to the audit-related matters and refer other questions to the producer.

How do we accomplish these objectives? Every audit we do must be fully verified with appropriate analysis and tests of clerical, wage rates, claims, subcontractor's overtime, etc. We utilize the services only of professional auditors many of whom are former carrier audit managers, test auditors, and field auditors. We also operate an ongoing continuing education program to keep them abreast of all changes and trends. Our auditors average better than 16 years of experience and over seven years with MISCO.